Friday, February 14, 2014

Amir Landsman: The Magic and Mystique of Korean Cuisine

Along with traditional dishes like kimchi and bibimbap, Amir Landsman has tried his hand at preparing a number of magical and medicinal dishes unique to Korean cuisine. Ceremonial foods, often served during festivals and religious holidays, include rice cakes, specially prepared noodles, soups, soju liquor and fried puffed rice. Anju are traditional snacks served with drinks that may help to stave off the side effects of excess alcohol consumption. Medicinal foods are referred to as boyangshik and include a number of delicacies that include beef bone soup, flower tea, carp, abalone, ginseng and even chicken soup.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Traditional Jewish Cooking Is a Celebration of Love for Amir Landsman

Since he was a child growing up in Israel, Amir Landsman has enjoyed the cuisine of his native land. Today, he cooks traditional Jewish dishes for his family and his friends to recapture the joy and happiness of his childhood. Jewish cuisine encompasses a wide range of Middle Eastern foods as well as the more iconic European dishes. For example, baba ghanoush is often considered to be a Mediterranean or Arabic dish; however, it is prepared and enjoyed in Israel as part of the traditional cuisine of the country. Tabouleh salads are similarly categorized as Middle Eastern but are among the mainstays of everyday Israeli cuisine.