Monday, June 17, 2013

Amir Landsman: Avid Tennis Player at the Nyack Field Club

Founded in 1954, New York’s Nyack Field Club has a long history of providing quality, family-friendly sports and other entertainment for its members, including local father and businessman Amir Landsman.

Today, the Nyack Field Club features ten Har-Tru and four lighted paddle tennis courts, a 25-meter swimming pool, a kiddie’s pool, play areas for children and areas for picnics. There is also plenty of room on the grounds for softball and basketball games. Members, including Amir Landsman, frequent the club year-round to enjoy the benefits of exercise and family activities.

Landsman is particularly involved in the club’s tennis programs and activities. The junior summer tennis program is popular with tennis fans like Landsman, who have children learning to play. It’s arranged in the following steps:

* Step one is for toddlers 3 to 5 years of age.
* Step two, “Future Stars,” is geared toward children ages 6 through 9.
* Step three, the junior academy, is designed for juniors who know the fundamentals of the game but need to learn how to play a competitive game. The junior academy teaches stroke production and the basics of strategy.
* Step four is an intensive three-hour training session. These sessions are designed for adults who want to get back into playing tennis. It covers strokes, strategy, position and point play.

The Nyack Field Club also offers a tennis summer camp for members of all ages. Individuals enrolled in the camp practice and learn according to their skills. The goal is to improve on what they already know while having fun doing it.

The club also features four paddle courts featuring team play, intra-club play and round robins. Paddle tennis, a game adapted from traditional tennis, is played on a smaller, enclosed court with a lower net. In addition, players use a solid paddle instead of the strung racket used in regular tennis. Amir Landsman enjoys these activities because they allow competition, socialization and great exercise.

Along with the fitness and fun of swimming and playing tennis, the club offers a morning summer camp for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years. The children participate in arts and crafts and sports activities.

For more leisure and social activities, members can head to the clubhouse, located in a spacious restored Tudor-style home. The club offers social events throughout the year, including a holiday tree trimming party, family steak night, theme parties and more.

The Nyack Field Club is a full-service club that local families have promoted for over 50 years. Amir Landsman, along with many other families, enjoys everything that the club has to offer.

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